Behavior rehabilitation starts with understanding our dog's needs, and providing calm, assertive, and kind leadership.


Understanding How Dogs Communicate

Learning how dogs communicate is an essential skill to acquire in order to understand your dog, and to know how and when to approach unknown dogs cautiously

Strategies for Managing Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog separation anxiety is common and can be fixed without medication. It is better managed by applying simple and consistent training strategies for prevention.

Understanding and dealing with dog aggression

Aggressive behaviors in dogs can take many forms and have causes rooted in genetics, hormones, early socialization or simply a consequence of a learning process

How to Avoid Reinforcing Unwanted Dog Behaviors

Most unwanted dog behaviors can be unlearned and modified through training. Some behaviors are reinforced by owners due lack of understanding of dog psychology

How to Test and Select a Puppy for Temperament

Testing puppies for temperament is an effective practice that can improve the chances of selecting a more balanced, better behaved and compatible dog.