Dog training is about building a trusting and balanced relationship by providing exercise, affection and kind leadership.


A Step by Step Guide to Leash Training your Dog

Teaching your dog to walk on a leash calmly without pulling is really not difficult if you follow a proven method step by step and you have the right equipment.

All You Need to Know About Dog Crate Training

The fundamentals and benefits of crate training for puppies and adult dogs, with practical training tips, and advice on the types of crates and sizes to choose.

The Definitive Guide to Dog Collars and Leashes

The right choice of dog collar is fundamental for the safety of both dog and owner, and determines how successful you will be at walking and training your dog

The Guide to Essential Dog Training Equipment

A practical guide to choosing the most essential dog training equipment and accessories that you will need for your puppy or your adult dog.

Step by Step Guide to House Training Your Puppy

House training is your first training challenge with your puppy. How long it takes depends mostly on how much commitment, consistency, and patience you invest.